Lone Mountain Aviation is the largest general aviation FAA Part 145 Certified Repair Station in Nevada, specializing in aircraft maintenance and avionics.

Cirrus Upgrades

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Avidyne Avionics PackageR9 System:
  • Platinum R9 dual ADAHRS
  • Gold R9 single ADAHRS
  • DFC100 Auotpilot System

Entegra System:

  • MFD sofware upgrades
  • DFC90 Autopilot system
LoPresti Packages
  • Boom Beams
  • Power Pulse
  • Ice Skates
  • Cool Skates
  • Tri-Tips
Keith Products Air Conditioning System
Precise Flight Built-In O2 System or Semi Portable System
Tornado Alley Turbo Installation
Air/Wolf air oil separator
Skytec Starter Upgrades
PS Engineering Audio Panels
CAPS Parachute Replacement
Pyrotechnic Line Cutters
Any Cirrus equipment offered at the factory