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We are excited to announce that the hangar project in Henderson has reached its next phase. We are taking preregistration for the 12 “T” hangars and 10 “4200 sq. ft. Corporate” hangars for rent. Please visit the web site and place your request. The web site has some interesting information and historical data for our venture.  If you have any questions please contact Kenny at 702-274-9859 or email

Henderson Marketing Site Plan

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Check out our new packages that we are offering! For any questions or purchasing, contact:
You can also call 702-309-220.

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Call for current replacement pricing for the CAPS replacement on the Cirrus SR20 and SR22 aircraft . We are offering a $500.00 discount if done in conjunction with an annual inspection.

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Lone Mountain Aviation, as a Sales and Installation facility for American Propeller and Eagle engines is now authorized to sell and install the Electoair Electronic Ignition System.  The Electroair EIS-61000 series Ignition Kits are STC’d for most aircraft equipped with Continental IO-360, TSIO-360, O-470, IO-470, TSIO-470, IO-520, TSIO-520, IO-550, or TSIO-550 and Lycoming O-540, IO-540, or AEIO-540 6 cylinder engines. Replacing one magneto with the EIS-61000 will improve fuel economy up to 15% (many operators have reported consistent fuel savings of 1.5-2 gph). Additionally, there will be an improvement in horsepower, hot starts, high altitude performance, smoother engine operation, and reduced maintenance costs.

Pricing for the Cirrus SR22 aircraft is $8549.99 Installed