Lone Mountain Aviation offers many services that may surprise you. Our capabilities go well beyond basic 100 hour or annual inspections. Did you know we are one of the few Certified Repair Stations in the country with a Class 1 Unlimited Composite Repair Rating? In fact, Lone Mountain Aviation has one of the most diverse teams of technicians in the field. We understand that your aircraft may need to be adapted to suit your demands. That is why we specialize in many hard to find services such as:

  • Major Repairs and Alterations including Composites, Sheet Metal, and Fabric
  • Cosmetic Repairs including minor painting
  • Warranty Repairs for Cirrus, Cessna, Pilatus, Piper, Mooney, Flight Design and Avidyne
  • DAR Services
  • Air Conditioning Installations
  • Assistance in ownership transition related maintenance inspections
  • Issue Ferry Permits

Beyond our technical capabilities, we believe in accommodating the special needs of our customers. Our relationship with you will not stop at the hangar doorstep. Whether you need assistance with transportation, lodging, logistics, pilot services, ferry permits, or even making the most of your trip to Las Vegas, we want you to feel at home. We’re happy to help.

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Avionics Services:
FAR 91.411 and 91.413 Certifications.
Troubleshooting and repair of avionics systems to include autopilot systems, GPS, Nav-Com systems, radar systems, and full aircraft AC/DC electrical systems.

Full panel avionics installations

Manufacturer  Dealer for:  Avidyne, Garmin, L-3 Communications, Aspen, Sandel, DAC International Avionics (Heads-Up Technology), PS Engineering.

Lone Mountain Avionics is now fully RVSM certified to comply with all your RVSM requirements. We are also fully set up for all ADSB installations. Contact us with all your RVSM or ADSB needs.